​Our Mission

To provide a property inspection that helps you make an informed decision about your future home or investment's condition and safety in an easy to read and understand report.
​Our Inspections
​As state licensed inspectors we will provide inspections that follow the comprehensive standards of practice set forth by the State of Arizona. That means we will inspect all of the following compnents when visible and accessible:

  • roof
  • structural components
  • basement / crawlspace
  • foundation / slab
  • attic insulation & ventilation
  • porch
  • exterior / interior walls & ceilings
  • driveways and walkways
  • garages (attached)
  • electrical and plumbing systems
  • heating and air conditioning systems
  • fireplaces
  • doors and windows
  • built-in appliances
  • pool and spa (extra fee)
  • outbuildings / RV garages (extra fee)

Our inspections focus on the safety and condition of these components.  
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  1. Investment / Rental Housing Inspection
    Investment / Rental Housing Inspection
    Multi-Unit inspections help you gain confidence in your investment. We will provide a comprehensive report on each unit, ensuring your investment is sound.
  2. 11 month builder warranty inspection
    11 month builder warranty inspection
    Most builders offer a 12 month warranty on their workmanship and materials. This inspection in month 11 uncovers any of those defects before you warranty expires.
  3. Residential Buyers Inspection
    Residential Buyers Inspection
    As state licensed inspectors we will provide an inspection that follows the comprehensive Standards of Practice set forth by the State of Arizona.
  4. New Construction Inspection
    New Construction Inspection
    Before you issue any final payments to your contractor, we will inspect you newly built home to ensure the work was done properly.Description
  5. Seller's Pre-Listing Inspection
    Seller's Pre-Listing Inspection
    Pre-Listing inspections help you in the sale of you home by discovering defects and challenges before they affect the sales transaction with the buyer, reducing time and stress for the seller.